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Dongguan Amanda Luggage Co., Ltd.
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We have a highly qualified team, able to provide professional services for customers.

The company has 10 years of research and development experience, can meet the various needs of customers.

We pay attention to the needs of customers and can customize services according to customer requirements.

The company has rich experience and professional knowledge, and can provide customers with a full range of solutions.

e focus on teamwork and can give full play to everyone's strengths in the team.


Dongguan Amanda luggage Co., LTD Factory located in Dongguan,being known as the "manufacturing capital" of China Amanda Luggage is a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacturing of EVA material bags. We have advanced production equipment and a technical team, committed to providing customers with high-quality EVA bag products. We have accumulated production experience and technical knowledge in the field of EVA luggage manufacturing. A series of advanced production equipment and processes have been introduced, covering the delivery of finished products from cutting, hot pressing, cutting, and sewing.


Focus on EVA case Research And Production

1.We focus on custom production of EVA bags and grow to be a quality supplier to many customers,Our Quality Control Team is committed to all operating standards of ISO 9001, and all materials we used can be passed Reach, RoHS and more.allowing customers to receive 100% quality products.

2.We have 12 years of industry experience in EVA cases customization. We are familiar with every production link. In the EVA cases design and development stage, we will give professional advice on the product in order to produce more reasonable and high-quality EVA cases

3.We have a professional and creative design team, who can design according to size, shapes,applications and requirements of products provided by your company,we can provide you a flat graphic drawing.Sometimes there are existing abrasive tools that meet your requirements

4.We believe in a long-term relationship and partnership with our customers, and have a long track record of reliability and high-quality solutions. So we have an understanding with our clients.